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     We hope you  find chanting (singing) Guru Geetaa Likeeta, a hymn to the Guru, enlightening and liberating. Likeeta is a transliteration of  Narayananda's Sri Guru Gita,  which cannot be sung as is without knowing Sanskrit. Likeeta makes the Sanskrit syllables readable in the Roman alphabet and is presented in a sound byte verse form. Chanting "charms the cobra" of kundalini to awaken what is variously called  Kundalini Shakti,  The Holy Spirit, or Chi, which is the culmination of spiritual practice.
    Chanting is a time tested spiritual practice. Bhagavad Gita, perhaps the most well known Hindu scripture, is studied by many but chanted by few as transliterations are scarce.  Guru Gita singing is even rarer.
    Julia Roberts in "Eat, Pray, Love" [see "movie" link under "friends"] sang half the story - 182 verses from Guru Gita -  the FULL version of which is offered here - 352 verses!!! Some versions have only 216, or even 108 verses [Likeeta's Bibliography cites these]. Pictures in the Gallery represent kundalini as the cobra being awakened by a guru in a disciple, whose Grace has been attracted by chanting, as we see Agastya doing, Shree Guru Gita (Guru Geetaa Likeeta).
     Gurus (including Jesus) appear in many places and times for the sincere. There are Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Sufi (Muslim), and other settings for these diamonds. This Gita, or Song, is meant to please the Guru and attract the Guru's Grace.
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Books sold separately (see Contact Us page). Narayananada and Likeeta are both available.

These liberating mantras  will be the least you leave with - and they're FREEED!!! Use them.






Guru Geetaa Likeeta may be borrowed from:

Fairfield University Alumni Library    Boston College O'Neil Library
1073 North Benson Road                     140 Commonwealth Avenue
Fairfield, CT (203) 254-4000                  Chestnut Hill, MA (617) 552-4455

Chelsea Public Library                          Lakeville Public Library
569 Broadway                                        4 Precinct Street
Chelsea, MA (617) 466-4350                Lakeville, MA (508) 947-9028

Stratton Free Library                             The English High School
9 Main St.                                               144 McBride Street
West Swanzey, NH (603) 352-9391      Boston, MA 02130  (617_635-8979
                                                                 (617) 635 8979                

Edison Township Library                    North Edison Branch Library
340 Plainfield Avenue                          777 Grove Avenue
Edison, NJ (732) 287-2298                   North Edison, NJ (732) 548-3045

North Plainfield Library                       Clinton Community Library
6 Rockview Avenue                             1215 Centre Road
No. Plainfield, NJ (908) 755-7909       Rhinebeck , NY (845) 266-5530

Gouverneur Library                              Woodstock Public Library
60 Church Street                                   5 Library Lane
Gouverneur, NY (315) 287-0191          Woodstock, NY (845) 679-2213

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